“Team work makes the dream work!”

Bethany Kunz & Hailey Hagenbuch

Berks Career & Technology Center’s Protective Services program has very strict rules regarding their uniform, behavior, and assignment completion.  If any of the rules in the program are broken, there are consequences for each.  All consequences involve physical exercise, mostly pushups.  If a student forgets several pieces of their uniform, they may have to complete anywhere from 25-50 pushups.  The numbers can add up fast and are noted on the classroom’s white board.

Bethany, a Protective Services Law Enforcement student, and Hailey, Protective Services Homeland Security student, noticed several of their classmate’s pushups adding up and asked their instructors if they could complete some of the pushups for them; something no other student has asked before.  In the past, students have completed pushups with the other students to encourage them, but never asked to take on the burden themselves.  The instructors agreed that they could complete some of the pushups for them.

Bethany and Hailey got to work and did pushups for classmates who were not in the classroom that day, they were studying virtually.  Hailey stated, “It doesn’t matter who they are, we just wanted to help.  When they are back in class there won’t be as many pushups for them to do.”  Bethany added, “I see it as a way to show that we care about our classmates.  Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Footnote:  during the interview with Bethany and Hailey, Bethany’s cell phone rang in the classroom.  When Bethany went to turn it off, the instructor reminded her that cell phones should be put away in their lockers and she would have to complete 25 pushups.  Hailey heard what was happening and said, “That’s ok, I’ll help you and I’ll get others to help you too.”