Pursuing Her Passion

Congratulations to Hannah Kerr for becoming the latest Cosmetology Instructor!  In addition to passing the Cosmetology Instructor state board exams, Hannah had to complete 500 training hours, teach 5 lessons, and run the Salon at BCTC East’s Cosmetology program. 

Hannah was destined to be in the beauty business.  She elaborated, “my father is a Cosmetologist, and I grew up in a salon.  I knew this is something I always wanted to do.”  Hannah stared BCTC’s Cosmetology program as a 10th grade Fleetwood High School student.  “I have to admit, Level 1 year in Cosmetology was tough,” Hannah confessed.  “It seemed like most of the first year was spent in theory or learning the science and safety of the industry.  I would watch the older students through the windows in the salon practicing on mannequins and clients and I would be so jealous!”  Later Hannah realized that some of the most important lessons in Cosmetology are taught during that first year.  “The theory gave me the foundation of the industry and prepared me for the hands-on skills and Cosmetology board exams.”

Hannah completed her training and passed her Cosmetology state board exam as she wrapped up her senior year in 2021.  She worked as an esthetician at European Wax Center for a year but recognized something was missing from her career.  “When I started Cosmetology in high school, I never even thought about becoming a Cosmetology Instructor,” Hannah stated.  “But my Instructors at BCTC recognized something that I didn’t see in myself yet and encouraged me to continue my education!”  She enrolled in BCTC’s Adult Continuing Education Cosmetology Instructor program in August 2022. 

Cosmetology Instructor students face many challenges different from a Cosmetology student.  The workload and demands are much greater, “I was in the classroom learning, completing bookwork, and preparing lessons all at the same time,” Hannah exclaimed.  “It was overwhelming at times, and I had several late nights preparing lesson plans.  But after teaching the lesson the next day, it was so worth it.”  A surprising statement from a student who was terrified to do any public speaking in high school.  “I think I was able to overcome my fear of speaking when I recognized my passion for teaching, it just happened.  Now I look forward to teaching and helping students find a career they will be passionate about,” she added.  

Hannah will be launching her career as an Instructor at the American Barber and Beauty Academy in Reading in February 2023.