Practice Makes Progress  

Chase Nugent

Chase Nugent, an Exeter Township Senior High School junior and student in Berks Career and Technology’s (BCTC) Masonry program, believes his practice time on the volleyball court is just as important to practicing his skills in BCTC’s Masonry program.   

Chase noted the similarities between volleyball and masonry.  “In volleyball, the ball is in your hands all the time.  You are touching the ball through the game and making choices for the next play.”  Chase added, “in Masonry, you are handling each brick, deciding on the correct amount of mud to add, and making the exact placement for every brick.”   

He played baseball for 10 years and volleyball for 7 years but decided to focus on volleyball.  Chase plays for the Exeter Sr. High School volleyball team and a club team that competes across the country.  “I love the game,” Chase stated with a smile.  “I am very competitive and don’t like losing.  I am always looking for ways to improve.” 

Chase’s competitive nature can be found in the Masonry program as well.  He stated, “I focus on the quality of my work.  I may be a little slower than others, but the quality of my work is much better, and my grades reflect it.”  Chase chose to attend BCTC’s Masonry program because he likes the construction industry.  “I have always liked building things at home, I even play building games on my phone!  On weekends and in the summer, I help my neighbor flip houses.”   He added, “there is much more to the Masonry program than I thought there was when I applied in 9th grade.  You are not just learning how to read blueprints and build walls; you get to work on the student-built house.  I love my time at the house and watching everything come together.” 

His work at the student-build house includes setting up scaffolding, building the outside brick façade and brick piers on the front porch and back deck, and installing kitchen and bathroom tiles.  He noted, “tiles are the easiest with bricks and block being the toughest, especially the twelve-inch blocks.  The higher you go, the more strength you need.” 

After high school, Chase is considering Thaddeus Stevens College or entering the work force as a Mason.  No matter where his future takes him, Chase will continue playing outdoor or beach volleyball.