Golden Reunion

Berks Career & Technology Center’s (BCTC) Class of 1973 celebrated their 50th, golden reunion with a tour of BCTC’s East campus and student-built house.  The class of 1973 graduates represented the Electricity, Machining & Tool, and Dental programs.  While many of the program names and locations on campus have changed, the training and opportunities for students in Berks County have remained the same.   

Marvin, class of 1973, and retired electrician stated, “my time at BCTC was the best three years of my life.  It gave me an advantage for a career right out of high school and my life’s work.”  Marvin was also the recipient of the Byron J. Keller Award, an award still presented today to an outstanding senior in honor of the first Administrative Director of BCTC. 

Marlene, a BCTC Dental graduate noted, “I started in the dental field, then studied nursing and worked as a nurse for several years but ended my career back in the dental field.  My job evolved, but the skills are root back to the training at BCTC.” 

Machining and Tool BCTC alumni, Randy, worked as a machinist for his entire career and is proud to represent the first class at BCTC’s East campus that started in 10th grade when the campus opened.  “I have great memories at BCTC,” Randy noted, “and I would encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities they can get while still in high school!” 

The Class of 1973’s tour ended with a lunch at BCTC’s East restaurant, The Valley Eatery, where they enjoyed a meal prepared and served by the culinary students.