Re-build of a Mack Truck

The 1959 B-Model Mack truck was donated to BCTC Diesel Technology program in 2017, by BCTC’s Heavy Equipment Technology Instructor, father.  The Mack B-series is a model line of trucks produced by Mack Trucks between 1953 and 1966.  The Mack B-series model line was sold in multiple configurations, including tractors and straight/rigid trucks with a streamlined appearance including a sloped windshield and larger, rounded fenders. 

When the students started working on it, the engine hadn’t run for 23 years.  They soon realized the engine had seized up and needed to be completely rebuilt.   

Part of the renovation was to research the 1959 B-Model Mack truck through the Mack Historical Museum.  The museum was able to supply the order and build sheet for the truck, which included all parts and features on the truck, the company who ordered it, and the delivery date.    

The Diesel Technology students took the engine apart meticulously and documented every piece during the process.  Each part was cleaned and restored, including the plumbing on the lube and fuel system.   

They soon realized some parts were beyond repair and needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, there were only a few 1959 B-Model Mack Trucks made and parts were difficult to come by.   

BCTC Diesel Instructor, Mr. Heimbach, turned to Bergey’s Truck Center, formerly Reading Mack, to find parts that haven’t been manufactured in decades.  George Brown, one of Reading Mack’s retired employees and Mack Truck aficionado, was able to locate the parts and arranged to have the parts donated to BCTC. 

After 6 years, with 3 years being lost to Covid, the BCTC Diesel Technology students were able to finally get the 1959 B-Model Mack truck running during the last few days of the 2022-23 school year.  The truck will be a project the Diesel Technology students will continue to work on over the next few years, with the hopes of restoring it to its original glory.