Attention to Details 

Allen Ebersole

When Allen Ebersole, level 3 Automotive Collison and Repair Technology / Tulpehocken senior, started Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC) he didn’t know anything about the auto industry.  He started BCTC in the Recreational and Power Technology program in the 9th grade working on smaller engines found in motorcycles, ATVs, and landscape equipment, but was drawn to the body work of automobiles and transferred to Auto Collision Technology in the 10th grade.  “I chose to go into Auto Collision because I thought it would be an interesting career to get into,” stated Allen. “I have learned so much since I started at BCTC.  It is a fun industry and I especially love the hands-on learning.”   

Training at BCTC’s Auto Collision not only includes auto body refinishing, frame straightening, dent and plastic repair, but also industry-recognized certifications.  The certifications range from OSHA 10-hour safety, I-Car, to Air Conditioning and Pollution certifications.  Allen added, “the certifications are very appealing to employers because they know you are trained for a job, and they will not have to pay for the training once you are hired.  Having all the certifications on my resume helped me get my job at Creative Rod and Kustom!”   

At Creative Rod and Kustom, Allen resto-mods or restores classic cars and modifies them with modern parts and technology.  Some of the projects he was able to work on include a ’66 Corvette Stingray and a ’92 Chevette.  “I do whatever is needed to be done at work including priming, sandblasting, custom painting, and detailing.  I have even been able to help with engine swaps and work on the interiors of the classic cars.” 

Allen’s senior project will showcase all the skills he has learned in Auto Collision and Repair Technology.  The work will include priming, sanding, taping, painting, and detailed air brushing the hood of a car.   The design and color scheme are original works of art by Allen.  “I hope when I am finished with the project, the hood will be hung in BCTC’s Auto Collision shop and inspire the next generation of students.”