9th Grade Early Admissions

All of BCTC’s approved career and technical education programs are designed to be completed in three years. However, students with an IEP and having the school district’s recommendation may be considered for enrollment in the 9th Grade Early Admissions program.

The 9th Grade Early Admissions program provides a customized career development experience for 9th grade students with an IEP who can benefit from getting a head start in developing core career and technical skills early in their high school career. Students will be provided the opportunity to enter their program of choice at the beginning of their 9th grade year. This will provide them with extra time in a more concentrated area of study.

BCTC educational facilitators will monitor students throughout the first quarter to ensure the appropriateness of the program for students. During this first year, if a student determines this is not their true program of interest, other program options may be explored. All program experiences shall be based on interest, aptitude and ability; however, if students opt not to remain in their initial program they must reapply for the new program for their 10th grade year. Each 9th grade student’s career and technical education experience shall be customized to his/her individual needs within the established parameters of the Early Admissions program.

Please note, the 9th Grade Early Admission program is a very unique and customized opportunity for 9th grade students, therefore it is limited to a specific number of programs from year to year.

Required Costs: There are specific costs for textbooks, tools, supplies, uniforms, certifications; and for some programs medical and criminal clearances that students are obligated to pay. These costs change annually and are detailed on the individual program pages.
Please refer to the specific program description for individual program requirements and costs.

BCTC Career Clusters and Pathways (Based on Space Availability)
Counselors will be made aware of space availability in mid-January to early February.

Video & Media Content Production

Create, develop, and produce media used in today’s communication, media, film, and streaming industries. Gain experiences in producing content for various platforms using industry software, hardware, and camera equipment.

Cabinetry & Wood Technology

Specialize your skills to construct wood into objects of usefulness and beauty. Use modern day craftsmanship, such as CNC equipment, to construct a functional work of art. 


A bright green thumb can lead to exploring the science and art of producing, improving and commercializing plants. Studies extend to landscaping, floral design, turf building, and aquaponics. 


Lay a solid foundation. Create modern masterpieces out of brick, block, concrete, or tile that will last for decades. 

Painting & Decorating

Transform a structure using modern painting and design concepts. From brightening up a room to restoring a piece of furniture, learned techniques can be applied to all areas on living.

Drafting Design Technology

Turn an idea into precise working specs. See your work come to life through CAD systems, 3D printers, and various output devices. 

Precision/Computerized Machining Technology

Manipulate metal for modern day manufacturing! Generate the parts needed in the aerospace, medical, and technology industries. 

Culinary Arts

Stir up something delicious! Learn cooking techniques to prepare for a party of two or 200. 

Automotive Collision Repair Technology

Undo the damages. Use advanced collision repair and painting techniques to restore a vehicle to its best state.

Automotive Technology

Shifting into gear. Maintain, diagnose, and repair foreign and domestic vehicles for top performance. 

Recreational & Power Equipment Technology

Small engines, high performance!  Learn the skills needed to keep motorcycles, lawn/garden equipment, outboard motors, and ATVS functioning for both work and play.

9th Grade Early Admissions


Tamzen Davis & Heather Wargo | East Campus
John Forry & Christine Twiford | West Campus

Program Entrance Requirements:

  • Program based on space availability
  • 9th grade students with an IEP
  • Student placement based on IEP or district recommendation

Program Entrance Recommendations:

  • Ability to read, write and apply math at or near grade level
  • Self-disciplined and able to follow directions and established rules
  • Ability to work independently and stay “on task”
  • Ability to get along with others and work as a team member
  • Ability to adapt to new learning experiences

Uniform Requirements

  • Students will initially follow the “Home Base” program requirements, with exceptions. Loaner uniforms will be provided until such time as the student is accepted into the program. Early Admissions students will follow the program personal protective equipment requirements, including proper footwear.