Apprenticeship Opportunities at BCTC

A Registered Apprenticeship is a combination of structured on-the-job learning and related technical instruction. Apprenticeships offer a proven, structured, formalized method of training that combines classroom theory with on-the-job practical hands-on experience. Students will attend class two nights per week and will be required to complete 2,000 hours per year of on-the-job employment. Apprenticeship programs are developed by private industry employers who sponsor their employees. Apprenticeships offer an excellent opportunity to advance in a chosen career. Completion of the apprenticeship program provides the foundation to sit for the City of Reading Journeyman’s License Exam in Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing. See apprenticeship program details here.

Electrical – 4 year program, 180 hours per year
This program includes basic math, tools used in the trade, basic rigging, basic and advanced electrical theory, blueprint reading, fasteners and conduits, AC&DC theory, grounding, circuit breakers and fuses, residential, commercial and industrial wiring, electrical motor controls, load and motor calculations, fire alarm systems and HVAC controls. Students will also study the National Electric Code and related materials in preparation for successful completion of the City of Reading License Exam.

HVAC – 3 Year Program, 195 hours per year
This program includes basic safety, rigging, trade mathematics, blueprint reading, basic electricity, introduction to cooling and heating, installation practices, refrigeration and air conditioning, air movements, maintenance skills, compressors and heat pumps, hydronic systems, service and troubleshooting of systems. Course will also study Refrigerant Transition and Recovery and students will sit for the accompanying test. Focused on the codes necessary for the successful completion of the City of Reading License Exam.

Industrial Maintenance – 4 Year Program, 162 hours per year
This course is designed for those in business and industry responsible for equipment and industrial maintenance. The program includes blue prints and schematics, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical systems, electrical motors and controls, programmable logic controls, robotics, pumping systems and soldering.

Plumbing – 4 Year Program, 210 hours per year
This program includes use of tools, plumbing math, blueprint reading, basic rigging, water heaters, drainage systems, waste systems, ventilation systems, heating systems and pumping systems. Also included are first aid, CPR and OSHA training as well as focus and discussion on the various codes related to the course content to prepare students for successful completion of the City of Reading Plumbing License Exam.

 Application for Apprenticeship Training