Advisory Committees

Purpose of Advisory Committees

The purpose of an Advisory Committee is to strengthen the career and technical education program of a school by making recommendations for program improvement and providing technical assistance to assure the most up-to-date curriculum content and appropriate applications of technology.

Advisory committees are a vital link between the career and technical education program and business and industry. Committee members representing business, industry, labor and the general public bring an invaluable perspective to education and BCTC’s training programs.

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Types of Advisory Committees

Berks Executive Council (BEC)

BEC for Career & Technical Education provides overall direction for the entire career and technical education program at BCTC. This committee consists of business owners, executives, human resource specialists and management level staff. The committee advises on a range of issues involving the career and technical education program, provides advice on appropriate program offerings and support services and may provide assistance and support to the institution.

Occupational Advisory Committees (OACs)

OACs are established for each program offered at BCTC. The majority of the members of the committee shall be employees and employers in the occupation for which training is provided. The committee advises the board, administration and staff on curriculum, equipment, instructional materials, safety requirements, program evaluation, and serves to verify that the programs meet industry standards.


  • Representatives of business, industry, and employers in the occupation for which training is provided.
  • Members of community economic development agencies and workforce investment boards.
  • Graduates of a career and technical education program who are employed in the field.
  • Staff members of outside education agencies and post-secondary institutions.

Meeting Schedule

Advisory committees meet a minimum of twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. The meetings are held at either the East campus in Oley or the West campus in Leesport.


  • Make recommendations to improve the curriculum, equipment and technology.
  • Make recommendations to improve the quality and safety of the program and the facility.
  • Support and strengthen the relationship between business, industry, the community and education.
  • Identify training and technical updating needs of staff and assist with accessing these services.
  • Assist with student recruitment and placement and support the Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs).
  • Advocate for legislation and financial support for career and technical education.
  • Review labor market data, career cluster and new and emerging careers and program offering.

Get Involved!

To apply for membership or for more information, contact:

Mr. Philip Harris
Work-Based Education Coordinator
BCTC West Campus
1057 County Road
Leesport, PA 19533