BCTC Education Foundation

To meet the needs of our students and to support our programs, Berks Career & Technology Center has established the Berks Career & Technology Education Foundation to ensure every student has multiple skill sets, industry certifications and the proper training to be career ready. This foundation will aid not only students, but parents, businesses and the local community:

  • Students will be prepared for the workforce by gaining hands-on training in progressive classrooms, taught by instructors who are constantly improving their programs in order to offer the best career and technical training.
  • Parents can feel confident that their child will be prepared to enter the workforce or higher education with a multitude of transferable skills.
  • Businesses and the community will benefit from a skilled workforce with students that have been trained on the latest equipment and have developed advanced competencies in multiple fields.
  • Graduates are better prepared for a career path of their choice so they can begin a future fueled by confidence

Foundation monies will be used:

  • To support student competitions at the State and National level.
  • To support students in need at BCTC.
  • To support future educational needs for our students.

Interested in supporting BCTC’s Education Foundation?
Please contact the foundation’s president, Gavin Milligan, by calling (610) 621-9695.