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Thank you for your interest in BCTC’s Summer Career Camp! At this time, all spots are filled.

You are invited...

Students residing in 1 of BCTC’s 16 sending districts, who are currently in 6th through 8th grades are invited to a unique learning experience focused on fun, creativity, and hands-on activities.

When: June 12th to June 16th
Where: West Campus – 1057 County Welfare Rd., Leesport

Transportation Options

East Campus Schedule – Busing to West Campus:
Bus Departure – 8:30AM
Bus Arrival – 3:00PM

West Campus Schedule
Parent Drop-Off – 9:00AM
Parent Pick-up – 2:30PM

Students will be rotating through 5 programs with each day being spent  exploring different career paths offered at BCTC.

Culinary – Pizza Palooza – Create your own culinary masterpiece from start to finish. Learn all the culinary essentials and experience measuring ingredients, basic cleaning and sanitizing, and food preparation skills. Campers will perfect their pizza toss while making multiple pizzas!  

Electrical Occupations – It’s Electric – Campers will wire light fixtures, circuits, doorbells and read multimeters, practice safety, and brush up on their fractions while exploring what an Electrician does daily from Residential, Industrial, Commercial and High Voltage. 

Health Occupations – Be the First to Help – Learn how to handle everyday emergencies including shock, bleeding, burns, extreme temperatures, breaks, bruises, and stings. Campers will practice the application of bandages, splints, and how to move and injured person. First aid basics will be reviewed, and campers will make their own first aid kit. 

Precision / Computerized Machining Technology – Challenge the Laws of Gravity Build a gravity powered race car and race it against your classmate’s cars. Learn about gravity, friction, CNC machining technology, and much more. 

Welding Technology – Manipulate Metal to your Imagination Teams of campers will work together to design and build metal bridges, then test the strength of each bridge by pulling it apart. Campers will help create their own metal takeaways made on a plasma table. 

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