Digital Escape Room

Gearing Up for the Weekend 

Berks Career & Technology Center has created a digital escape room, “Gearing Up for the Weekend,” designed for 3rd– 5th grade students.  Using the Breakout EDU platform, students must follow different types of directions, similar to the daily instructions BCTC students follow, to start the weekend.  The game is designed for students to work collaboratively, use their communication skills, be creative, and think critically.

“Gearing Up for the Weekend” contains seven puzzles, each with a lock and combination consisting of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, or directions.  Clues to open the lock can be found in the puzzle but may not be apparent at first glance.  Once the digital escape room is opened, a 30-minute timer begins, allowing the game and reflection questions to fit into most class periods.

Locks can be solved in any order, but they all must be opened to solve the entire puzzle.  The pictures in the clues can be enlarged by left clicking on the image.  Hints can be given to students at the teacher’s discretion and are included in the lock explanations.  Please note all pictures used in “Gearing Up for the Weekend” are students at BCTC!

Introduction to BCTC’s Digital Escape Room “Gearing Up for the Weekend”