Earn Credentials

Certificates of Competency

BCTC Certificate of Achievement

Students earn a school-issued certificate of achievement when they successfully complete the program’s task list and the end of program assessment.
Together these documents are valuable credentials that students present to post-secondary education institutions and prospective employers as evidence of their knowledge and skills. Employers and education institutions recognize the certificate of achievement and task grid as reliable indicators of an applicant’s readiness for work or continued learning.

Pennsylvania Skills Certificate

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires students to take a final exam for their chosen program as a senior. The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) test or an equivalent exam will be administered in the spring of the senior year. Students will be provided with copies of their test scores and those who score at the advanced level will be awarded a Pennsylvania Skills Certificate recognizing their achievement.

Industry Licensing and Certifications

The workplace of today requires a highly skilled and competent workforce. In order to ensure quality, many industries have developed nationally recognized standards of performance. These standards are measured by licensing examinations or certification testing programs that can lead to nationally recognized credentials. Most of the career and technical programs at BCTC have undergone a rigorous accreditation review process and now offer industry recognized certifications for students. These certifications/ credentials are portable and recognized nationally by industry. They provide a competitive edge when applying for employment and are recognized by many colleges for awarding advanced credit.

Please refer to the “Certification” heading on each program page for a complete listing of industry certifications that a student is required, expected or may have an option to earn. State regulations require all students completing an approved career and technical program to earn industry recognized certificates or licenses.