Instructional Support

A team of instructional support professionals and paraprofessionals provide assistance to students who require additional support to satisfy the curriculum requirements. BCTC staff also teach and reinforce academic content within the technical curriculum.

A Learning Resource Center (LRC) at each campus is provided for students to work in small learning groups and to utilize computer-assisted instruction. The goal of instructional support is to assist students to be successful in their career and technical program.

Instructional Support Facilitators

East Campus
3307 Friedensburg Road, Oley, PA 19547

Ms. Heather Wargo
610-374-4073, ext 3550

Ms. Stacey Thierry
610-374-4073, ext 3548

West Campus
1057 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Ms. Christine Twiford
610-374-4073, ext 4550

Mr. John Forry
610-374-4073, ext 4553