Penn College Dual Enrollment


Penn College Dual Enrollment provides the opportunity for high school students who attend BCTC to earn free Penn College credits.

Courses are taught during the school day at BCTC by our teachers with no tuition cost to you or your family.

Save money! The more Penn College Dual Enrollment courses you take, the less money you spend once it’s time to earn a degree after high school.

Save time! You’ll spend less time earning a degree if you have already earned credits through Penn College Dual Enrollment.

Connect to “the college experience.” Through Penn College Dual Enrollment, you’ll have the chance to visit Penn College, see its facilities, meet college faculty, and become familiar with college resources like Career Services and the Academic Success Center.

Build confidence in your abilities, no matter your strengths. No matter what you plan to do after graduation, if you have already shown success in college courses, you will be more competitive in both the job market and the college admissions process. Success in challenging coursework builds confidence as well as skills!

Increase your odds of success in college. Regardless of degree or major, students who graduate high school with college credits are more likely to enroll in college, stay in college after their first year, and complete their chosen degrees.