Work Based Education

The Work Based Education program provides the following opportunities for students to learn in an actual employment setting:

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) and Capstone

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) and Capstone is designed to be a Capstone or culminating skill development program option. It is a unique plan of education that integrates classroom learning with supervised work experience in the business community. Eligible students apply for part-time employment in areas related to their chosen fields of study. Students work at approved training sites with written training plans. Eligibility to participate in co-op is determined based on grades, completion of all required industry certifications related to their program of study, attendance, and a recommendation from the BCTC instructor. Co-op provides an excellent transition from high school to the world-of-work.


Internships are available during the summer months and school year at selected approved sites. These short-term experiences provide opportunities for students to practice skills and learn about the requirements of the workplace.  They may be paid or unpaid experiences, depending on the site.

Clinical Experiences

Clinical experiences are available to students enrolled in the Cosmetology, Dental Occupations, Health Occupations, Health-Related Technology, Medical Health Professions, Early Childhood Education, and Protective Services programs. They are intended to provide valuable hands-on experiences and observation of professionals. Clinical experience takes students into the actual workplace for a short period of time, whereby they perform day-to-day operations and job functions. Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a short-term observation experience whereby students accompany workers as they go about their day performing duties in their everyday work environment. Students benefit from seeing work as it is performed in actual employment situations and enjoy learning firsthand from adults who have careers in a variety of occupational fields. The program is designed to give students a better understanding of their career focus and help them in making career decisions.

Volunteer Work Experiences

Volunteer work experiences may be provided to students to supplement their CTE programs.  Students may receive credit for this experience toward their course grade.