BCTC Overview

Gain a brief review of BCTC’s programs and application process.

Program of Study

Check out our Program of Study guide to learn more about our programs and their offerings!

Technical Academy Brochure

Learn about the BCTC programs in which you can earn college credit through our Technical Academy, a partnership with Reading Area Community College!

Student Services Plan & Comprehensive System of Support

BCTC is committed to providing all our students with the necessary supports to be successful in the CTE setting.

2022-2023 Technology Handbook

This document has been created to provided students and parents the knowledge of the responsibilities students accept when using BCTC-owned technology.

Student Handbook

STUDENTS: Review our handbook to become acquainted with the privileges and responsibilities of being a BCTC student.

Health & Safety Plan

How BCTC maintains the health and safety of students, educators, and other staff.

Board Policy Manual

Our board policies aim to guide BCTC as a whole and help ensure effective charter of our governance.

PSBA Policy Notice

Below is the list of the policies that are posted annually for parents/guardians and students to review at their convenience. To review the policies, please click the “View BCTC’s Policy Manual” listed above.”

Comprehensive Plan

BCTC’s has a vision for the future of our community along with the steps needed to make that vision a reality. These steps our outlined in the 2022-2025 Comprehensive Plan.